Visualisation tool

Routines to visualise the results of simulations made using the Voronoi version of mocassin (Hubber et al. 2016) have been written by David Hubber. The source code can be downloaded from voronoi_visualisation.tgz, and documentation is available in userguide.pdf.


The visualisation routines depend on a few other programs and libraries, described in the manual, and including the voro++ library included in Voronoi mocassin. If the dependencies are installed, then unpack the tar file and type "make".

The voro++ library included with Voronoi mocassin includes a change to compiler flags which is necessary for the visualisation routines to run correctly. If you installed voro++ separately, you may need to recompile it, first changing the declaration of CFLAGS in the file from

CFLAGS=-Wall -ansi -pedantic -O3


CFLAGS=-Wall -ansi -pedantic -O3 -fpic