MOCASSIN 2.02 manual

Running things other than benchmark cases

Once you have convinced yourself that MOCASSIN is behaving as it should, you can run your own simulations. If you are not confident that this is the case, please contact me before going any further.

The first step is to define your model. This is done via a set of keywords included in the file. YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE TO CHANGE ANYTHING IN THE SOURCE CODE (I hope). If you find you have to, please let me know. The rest of this section will list and describe all the keywords that can be included in the input file. The number of keywords you decide to use and the order you decide to list them in is entirely up to you. If you have missed out some required and fundamental keyword the simulation will stop and tell you what you have missed out. However, you should be aware that, for most of these keywords, default values are defined, so make sure that the default value is actually what you want before you decide to leave a given keyword out. Default values to each keyword are given below, enclosed by square brackets. The fundamental keywords, which must be specified in every input file are marked by an asterisk in the square brackets and have no default value.

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