MOCASSIN 2.02 manual



diffuseSource real1 real2 'string1' integer1 integer2


This keyword can be used in the case of a non-central source such as the heating by radioactive decay of 56Co in supernova remnants. real1 is the total luminosity of the diffuse source in [1e36 erg/s], and real2 is the temperature of the diffuse source. string1 is the shape of the source spectrum, with the same syntax as contShape.

integer1 is the number of diffuse photons to use at the start of the model (same use as nPhotons).

integer2 is the index of the grid in which the diffuse source emits, which allows control of the extent of the diffuse source. For example, a medium with clumps embedded could be represented by a mother grid (index 0) and subgrids (indices 1..n). To restrict emission to the inter-clump medium only, integer2 would be set to 0. If there are no subgrids, set integer2 to 0.

Currently, for compatibility reasons, a value of TStellar must still be specified (i.e. TStellar=0.) but nPhotons, LStar and contShape can be removed from the file.

diffuseSource should not be used at the same time as symmetricXYZ.

Default value


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