MOCASSIN 2.02 manual



contShape string [real]


The shape of the ionising continuum. The default value is 'blackbody', in which case the ionising stellar continuum is approximated by the Planck function for the stellar temperature defined by the keyword TStellar. If 'string' == 'powerlaw' then this must be followed by a real number indicating the index of the power law distribution such that Fν ∝ ν-index. E.g. contShape powerlaw 1. will generate an input spectrum following a ν-1 distribution. Note that the final result will be normalised to the luminosity entered. The power law keyword is not compatible with the LPhot keyword, but only with the LStar keyword. If a stellar atmosphere data file is to be used, the 'string' must specify the path of the external file containing the data. For example contShape "NLTE140lg65" tells the program to look for the nLTe140lg65 data file in the current directory. The stellar atmosphere files must be in a format consisting of two columns: the first listing the wavelength points in units of [A] and the second containing the corresponding wavelength-dependent stellar Eddington fluxes in units of [erg/cm^2/s/A/sr]. A set of stellar atmosphere flux tables have been compiled by Dr T. Rauch in a MOCASSIN-friendly format and are available from (but please manually remove the header from the flux tables).

Default value


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